About Us

Founded in 2015, our senior team have in excess of 100 years’ experience in the Insurance and related industries, which is engrained in every decision we make. 

We are passionate about our business and that extends to investing in the right people, technology and processes to ensure we provide the best strategic outcome, for whichever service we provide.

Avoiding cost leakage for our clients, is at the heart of our service. We are happy to advise and help our clients navigate the ever changing claims and legal landscape, to ensure consistently optimal results.     

We recognise the importance of brand protection, information / data security, confidentiality and trust.  As such we maintain strict adherence to quality management standards and general data protection regulations. 

Whilst agile in our approach, we are nonetheless tenacious and successful.  Our various services, whilst an eclectic mix, reflect where our considerable experience lies.  

If you would like to know more contact 0845 568 3333.