Services for Insurers

Our support for the Insurance industry lies at the very heart of our business and we take pride in the strength of the relationships we have forged with our insurer clients. Regardless of the class of business they write, our clients are individuals, we treat them individually and we firmly believe in providing bespoke solutions. With the wealth of experience we have in the Insurance industry we would like to think that we understand their issues and we tailor our services to match their needs.


Our cost team are experienced in all aspects of internal and external audit, including but not restricted to service level agreements. We are happy to conduct the audit remotely or travel to your office or to that of your nominated TPA. We also conduct first party panel audits to ensure that your interest, in terms of both cost and service are being met and any leakage is identified and eliminated.


Rarely do we receive a bill of costs that we are happy to pay as rendered. In our experience almost all formal bills include an element of cost which is unrepresentative to the work alleged to have been undertaken.  Our experienced cost team undertake to ensure that you only pay what is fair and reasonable, not a penny more.  The results we achieve are open and transparent. We can provide secure access to our system to enable your staff to view our progress in real time and conduct remote audit of our results and SLA’s. Furthermore, so confident are we in our ability to offer you market leading solutions that we are happy to cap our fee on a percentage of the savings we make. It follows that if we do not make a saving, we will not charge a fee.


Despite recent changes to the costs regime, the element of legal costs can and often still does exceed the value of the claim for damages. Regardless, cost management is an efficient and effective way of controlling and mitigating first party legal spend and accurately assessing cost reserves.  By working with your panel and non-panel firms of solicitors we can assist in the management of the costs, cost budgets and cost reserves and ensure that your liability for costs, by stage or task are correctly identified, managed and maintained.


No litigated dispute is too small or complex for our qualified Cost Lawyers. Matters of costs are a specialism like any other and we firmly believe they are best left in the hands of cost lawyers who specialise in that discipline alone.

Our Cost Lawyers can:

  • accept service of documents on your behalf,
  • prepare and serve Points of Dispute,
  • deal with Court proceedings
  • attend Summary and Detailed Assessment Hearings and any interlocutory cost applications.

In essence, we can handle any cost issue with which you are faced from start to finish.

Prior to any hearing we will provide you with clear and detailed advice which will include your prospects of success and the likely overall cost of proceeding with a contentious hearing, as well as a report of the outcome.

Furthermore, we will at all times act in your best interests to protect your reputation and the reputation of your brand.


Even where you have successfully defended a claim, the opportunity to recover your costs is becoming more difficult due to the introduction of qualified one-way cost shifting (QOCS).

The exceptions to the rule are as follows:

  • Where there are no reasonable grounds to bring a claim
  • Where there has been abuse of process
  • Where there is a finding of fundamental dishonesty

Where such a finding is made in your favour, we will draft and pursue the costs which are rightfully yours.


Our qualified Cost Lawyers are conversant in all areas of advocacy and hold rights of audience throughout England and Wales.  We regularly attend interlocutory cost applications, applications to set aside default cost certificates, enforcement proceedings and detailed assessment hearings. Our solution is a cost effective alternative to instructing your own panel solicitors.