Services for Solicitors

Our clients are many and varied, from in-house legal teams and small niche practices, too large golden circle firms. We offer a bespoke service whatever the size or service required, from surge support, cost budgeting, cost management and cost drafting.


We recognise that the recovery of your costs is paramount to the success of your business and as such we aim to maximise your return in the shortest possible time.

Our team of costs lawyers and draughtsmen are experienced in handling a range of commercial disputes, from catastrophic injury cases to high profile class action litigation.

Our service includes: 

  • Preparation of cost estimates  
  • Informal schedules 
  • Statements for trial 
  • Formal bills
  • Detailed assessment proceedings
  • Points of disputes
  • Part 18 requests
  • Detailed assessment hearings


The advent of cost budgeting (or cost management in its widest form) whilst on the face of it a simple process, in reality it’s not quite that simple. In our experience, faced with the same facts, no two solicitors would produce the same budget. In some cases the outcome would not even be remotely close and whilst there is no right or wrong, the outcome is not only vital to the success of your business but also vital to manage the expectations of your clients. Our specialist cost lawyers can help add consistency to your approach, help guide you through the process of periodic reviews and the estimation of future costs to maximise recovery and ensure your business is operating to plan and within acceptable margins.


Our Cost Lawyers can advise and assist in any matter of cost litigation, regardless of the size or complexity of the dispute.  We will protect your position and your brand whatever the issue, from the recovery of your own costs to opposing your opponent’s costs.

We will consider and advise on your opponent’s bill of costs, draw Points of Dispute, and represent you in Court, whether that be the County Court, the Senior Court Costs Office or the High Court where necessary with the help of our specialists Costs Counsel.

We can provide comprehensive advice regarding the prospects of success and the likely cost of proceeding with a contentious case, as well as a detailed report on the outcome following a hearing.


We can assist where necessary is all areas of advocacy including:

  • interlocutory applications
  • setting aside default costs certificate
  • enforcement proceedings
  • representation at detailed assessment hearings